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Published at Tuesday, August 13th, 2019 - 10:59:25 AM. slaapkamer. By Adolphus Lang.

remember the Sun and the middle daughter shared a bathroom together so before the tile stopped here I asked the client if I could just tile the whole wall and put the granite on top here so this granite and this granite match each other Jeremie at art where made us custom mirrors for all of the bathrooms but look at this vanity I think this is the cutest thing ever Ive never seen one like this before these are new on the market but look how that goes open there and then here this drawer and then its cut out for the pipes over here youve got that and then right here you have another but look at its all like scored and yet theyre

new outfit on and you go back and hook your shoes you go those shoes needs to be changed thats what this was it was a shoe change first off let me just say I am Ive been in the middle of an install I worked last night until midnight and was up at 3:30 this morning to be at the job site at 6:00 so something had to give and it was me the clients had always from the very beginning left the office out they came around and they came around about four months before we finished the project not enough time to do this whole remodel here so we did it as a phase two it is right

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